Your situation is assessed by our specialists in Ireland. The analysis will indicate which treatment and clinic is better for you.

VIP Transfer

VIP Transfer is provided from the airport to the hotel.

Hotel Accommodation

A comfortable accommodation is arranged in Turkey while you await your treatment

24/7 Support

Our Irish team will provide continuous support, English speaking assistants in Turkey and a medical bag during your stay in Turkey.

Our Prices

1,999 € Cost of Treatment in Turkey with Wellness Travel. Why the difference? See our current offers!
20,000 € Cost of Treatment in Ireland.

Why Wellness Travel?

We can help you save up to 80% on hair transplant costs by arranging your treatment in Turkey and guarantee that your experience will be stress-free.

Irish residents seeking medical treatment in Turkey without consultancy support face several risks such as surprise costs, language barrier and stress derived from inaccuracies and miscommunications acknowledged only after landing abroad.

Wellness Travel will make sure that the entire process is safe and transparent. Our team is based in Ireland, provide 24/7 support throughout all stages and you will be interacting only with English speakers in Turkey. Our partners in Turkey are filtered for high standards, excellent patient ratings and competitive pricing so that you can keep both high quality and low cost.

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Why Turkey?

Many Turkish hospitals and clinics are among the best in Europe.

The close distance and low cost due to currency depreciacion make Turkey a perfect destination for Europeans for both relaxing vacations and assisted medical treatment.

See what people say about the experience.

No Hidden Fees

You will know exactly what you will pay and when.


We are based in Ireland and will carefully explain and assist you in all stages.


Save thousands of euros while having the simplicity and trust of a standard local treatment.


We only work with trustable partners in Turkey and protect you from the risks that may arise if dealing directly with clinics.


What the patients say about our partners in Turkey

In the Media

See the experience of Irish residents seeking hair transplant in Turkey
In the Media

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